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Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo Leigh Bardugo rocked the heck out of this sequel. I enjoyed SHADOW AND BONE, but SIEGE AND STORM...Oh, S&S, you are something else.

This picks up right where book one left off, with Mal and Alina fleeing across the sea. Unfortunately, they don’t avoid the Darkling long, and are soon dragged back into his clutches. Along the way, we meet a few new characters, one of which is my new favorite. (I’ve never understood all the love for the Darkling. I admire him as a character, but Sturmhond I can actually ship. The sarcastic, witty, smug charm...LOVE.)

Speaking of characters, I found Alina more likeable this time around–stronger, bolder, more driven. She has lofty goals now, and Mal is dragged along for the ride. This creates some very believable tensions between the two of them. Actually, all the relationships in this sequel were nuanced. This book does a lot of setting up for the final showdown. We get a look at the larger world and its politics. The war strategies and planning might be weighty for some, but I gobbled it all up. Same goes for the newly revealed Ravkan folklore and myths. I am so very excited for RUIN AND RISING.

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