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Insomnia - J.R. Johansson Parker Chipp is suffering a bizarre form of insomnia: he enters the dreams of the last person he made eye contact with each night, and the sleep deprivation is beginning to catch up with him. Then Mia moves to town and her dreams are so calm Parker remembers what it’s like to feel rested. He becomes obsessed with making eye contact, and when a stalker begins to terrorize Mia, Parker’s the prime suspect. Worse part? His memory blackouts leave him questioning his own innocence.

This book is twisted, dark, and gruesome. For a good while, I wasn’t sure who to trust. Parker’s voice is authentic and urgent, but he’s also an unreliable narrator. He doesn’t trust himself, so how can we as the reader? He is a gray character, with understandable goals, but sometimes questionable means of achieving them. Plot threads are mostly tied up by the end, and a sequel (in the works) is sure to address the few remaining questions. Fans of dark thrillers will be on edge reading this.

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NOTE: This review is based on an ARC.