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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion What a fun read! Narrated by R, a zombie who can’t remember his name, this book gives us a look at the zombie apocalypse from the other side of the table. When eating the brain of a kill, R is overwhelmed by the man’s memories, and then saves Julie, the man’s girlfriend, rather than turning to feed on her. What follows is an unlikely friendship, which leads R to believe he has something worth living for, that he doesn’t want to die.

This was the concept of the novel that really moved me. He’s a zombie, but he still exists. He doesn’t want to disappear or cease to be. The whole concept of what it means to be alive is touched upon so eloquently. There were passages where the zombies seemed the dead ones (mindless feeding, lack of names/conversations), and others when the humans seemed lifeless (going through the motions, fight, repair, resist). Not to mention moments when the two felt interchangeable. Unique flashback devices added so much depth to both R’s story and Perry’s (the man he killed and the boyfriend of Julie). I also appreciated the complicated character relationships. (Julie, and her best friend, Nora, for instance, have interesting backstory. Everyone in this novel is flawed to some extent.) And the writing, especially in the first half of the novel, is stunning. Marion has effortless prose that is light-hearted and comical one moment, then deeply moving and insightful the next. Who knew a zombie narrator could be so passionate?

But the ending…I’m torn. I liked it, I really did, but it also seemed rather clean. I think I was holding out hope for a slightly darker or more complicated resolution. Still, there are some wonderful themes and insights to human nature woven into the book, which all support a thoroughly entertaining story. I suggest you read it and then we can discuss said ending together… :)

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