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Prophecy - Ellen Oh In the Seven Kingdoms, Kira is the only female in the king’s army as well as the prince’s body guard. Able to spot demons possessing humans, she becomes the city of Hansong’s only hope when all signs point to invasion.

My favorite thing about this novel was hands-down the inspiration taken from Korean culture. Oh has created a rich world, set in a fantasy version of ancient Korea. The folklore, fashion, food, and settings kept me turning the pages. (Especially the food. This novel made me hungry.) I also really appreciated the themes of discrimination and prejudice woven into the story. Kira is hated but almost everyone in her kingdom. Her yellow eyes mark her as different, and while she continually saves her people from demons, they constantly gossip that she is responsible for bringing the demons to their land. Oh tackles these themes of bigotry without ever growing heavy-handed, showing how even just one word or sharp glare can weigh upon a person when the attacks are endless and unfeeling.

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NOTE: This review based on an ARC.