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Prodigy - Marie Lu I enjoyed Marie Lu’s LEGEND. I really did. But I loved PRODIGY. Day and June are back in action and the stakes, too, are higher. They’ve joined (or rather escaped to) the Patriot rebels, just when the unthinkable happens: The Republic’s Elector dies, to be immediately replaced by his son, Anden. In exchange for safety among the Patriots (and medical attention for Day), the two agree to certain terms: they will assassinate the new Elector.

Told again in alternating POV’s, June heads back into the Republic’s hands to help steer Anden to the assassination point, while Day stays with the Patriots to work as a runner. He’ll be the one to pull the trigger on Anden if all goes as planned. Of course, it doesn’t. ;)

Lu’s world-building is unbelievable in this sequel. Everything about the Republic and the greater world came to life, and the plot and pacing is taut. These two characters have faced a lot. There are moments when they seem perfect for each other, and others where we see how very different they are, how the odds seem completely stacked against them. I still find myself picturing them far older than 15 given how mature/strong they are, but hey, that’s why Day is a legend among the poor and June a prodigy among Republic soldiers. In this sequel, secondary characters–Tess, Kaede, Razor–are also fantastic, both from an individual perspective, as well as how they weave into and add complexities to Day and June’s story. And the ending! So perfect, if not a little heartbreaking. I am incredibly anxious for the final installment!

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