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Level 2 - Lenore Appelhans LEVEL 2 is set in a stark afterworld limbo (a la purgatory) where Felicia Ward is trapped with nothing to do but relieve her memories from Earth. Everything changes when a boy from those memories breaks in to Level 2 to find her and recruit her for a strengthening rebel cause.

I loved the premise of this. Much of the story is told through Felicia cuing up months worth of memories. These flashbacks, interspersed with the present timeline, create for a fast-paced read. I was constantly trying to piece together how certain characters fit into Felicia’s history, as well as how, exactly, she died. Religion also plays a large part in Felicia’s life, which stood out to me as extremely unique in the YA sci-fi realm. The present timeline, on the other hand, is blisteringly paced, with only a day or two (I think?) passing. I wish I’d been able to spend a bit more time in Level 2 itself, but I imagine Level 3 (the sequel) will focus more on the other-worldly side of the story than Felicia’s time on earth. Hard-core fans of afterlife stories and the sci-fi genre should pick this up.

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