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Dualed - Elsie Chapman This book has a killer premise: In the city of Kersh, every citizen has a genetic double–an Alt–who they will be tasked with killing in order to claim (and secure) their place within the safe haven. The assignment is initiated some time between the age of ten and twenty, after which the citizen has a thirty day window to find and eliminate their Alt.

West Granger is fifteen when she receives her assignment. She’s already lost most of her family, and is one tough cookie as a result. As she works to track down her Alt, she begins to wonder if she is the version worthy of living, all while pushing away the one good relationship left in her life–Chord, a friend of her brother’s–in an attempt to keep him safe. This is an intense and brutal world that West lives in. Chapman’s writing is detailed and nuanced, and she is not afraid to put her character’s in dark corners or let them make morally ambiguous choices. A few strings are left open at the end of the novel, making room for what is sure to be another gritty, dangerous sequel.

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NOTE: This review is based on a ARC