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Through the Ever Night - Veronica Rossi I have been counting down the days to THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT since I finished reading its predecessor UNDER THE NEVER SKY. (So, pretty much a solid year.) This is one of my favorite ongoing series at the moment, and the sequel does not disappoint. I may have loved it even more than the first, and I loved that one something fierce.

TTEN picks up where UTNS left off. Perry and Aria are reunited, but new tensions surround them. Perry’s tribe isn’t quick to accept Aria, a dweller, into their compound. Perry is struggling to fill his brother’s shoes as Blood Lord. Then there’s the added pressure of Aria trying to locate the Still Blue for Hess to secure Talon’s safety/freedom, all while poor Roar battles his own demons. And all the smaller characters of book one–Marron, Cinder, Soren–are woven effortlessly into this tale, creating bigger stakes and an even more intricate story. I loved this characters in book one, but now I truly see how important and purposefully each is.

Rossi’s writing is as unique and poetic as always. The Aether feels like more of a threat than ever. The relationship between every single character seeps off the page. I’ve started to think that Perry and Roar and Aria are real. I know what they will say or how they will react to situations. I fear for them. I cry with them. I really can’t do this book justice. If you’re not reading this series, you should be. I’m already counting down the days to INTO THE STILL BLUE.

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