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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake I really enjoyed Kendare Blake’s ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD when I read it around this time last year and was not about to miss the sequel, GIRL OF NIGHTMARES. Cas, the ghost-hunting teen who feels like half of Supernatural‘s Winchester brothers, is having nightmares–and sightings–of Anna, the ghost he set free of a curse in the first installment. But these visuals are extremely disturbing. Anna appears tortured, trapped, and anything but at peace. So of course, Cas takes it upon himself to set things right.

This was a fabulous follow-up novel. Cas’s voice is as honest and humorous as ever. His ghost-hunting friends are animated and loyal. There were some seriously creepy scenes–the one with Thomas’s aunt and the entire showdown at the climax of the novel, for instance. And the ending was perfection. Bittersweet, but exactly what it needed to be–for Cas, for Anna. I still think I enjoyed ANNA better, for reasons I can’t quite pin-point, but I was not disappointed with GIRL OF NIGHTMARES.

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