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Pivot Point - Kasie West Addie Coleman lives in a compound, shut off from the “normal” world, where all citizens posses a certain paranormal skill. Hers? The ability to Search different outcomes when posed with a choice. When her parents get divorced and her father accepts a job working for the government on a murder case outside the compound, Addie must choose between going with him, or staying with her mom. Naturally, she searches six weeks ahead to see which situation will be ideal. The format of the novel henceforth alternates between the two possible futures that await her–with hilarious and witty chapter titles, mind you.

Addie’s voice is wonderfully authentic. She’s smart, believable, and level-headed. Confident, too. I loved watching her adjust to life (and school) in “norm” world nearly as much as I enjoyed developments in her “para” track. Trevor, the adorable boy she meets in the “norm” side of her Search, is the icing on an already sweet story. Above all, I adored the ending of this novel. After her Search, Addie realizes her decision will be far more complicated than she ever could have imagined. Neither future ends in a shiny, perfect bow, and each one requires her to give up something precious in her life. She made the right call in my book, and the final pages of the novel are full of so much hope and potential I wanted to hug her. Don’t miss out on this debut novel! (It comes out in February.)

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NOTE: This review is based on an ARC.