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The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater I gushed about Maggie Stiefvater’s THE SCORPIO RACES around this time last year, and now I’m going to gush about THE RAVEN BOYS. Blue Sargent, daughter of a physic, has known that she will kill her true with a kiss since she was a child. But Blue has never thought this would be a problem–she’s resolved to never fall in love–until she crosses paths with some boys from the nearby private school: the Raven Boys. Gansey, leader of the group, is seeking a legend in the woods of Henrietta, Virginia, and as Blue helps them complete their quest, their fates seem very much entwined.

Like SCORPIO RACES this is a genre bender, which I believe Maggie truly excels at. The supernatural aspects of this novel are woven into the vibrant Henrietta countryside masterfully. So masterfully, in fact, that even the most shocking reveals in the story seem so very possible (if not obvious) after they unfold. (Much of this comes down to genius plotting, as well.) The writing is as gorgeous and atmospheric as ever (I seriously want to live between the lines!), but it is the characters that shine most in this book. The Raven Boys–Gansey, Ronan, Adam, and Noah–feel so very real. I want to grab a slice of pizza with them, bum around in vintage cars, sit in their ridiculously exuberant apartment (a refurbished old factory building). They jump off the page, layered and nuanced. They are so different, and yet each so loveable. Blue, too, is expertly drawn. My only gripe with the entire novel is that the stakes–the big IF established in the prologue–never comes to fruition. Gansey’s quest, too, seems to only just be starting when the novel comes to a close. But this is the first of a four book series, and since I feel like I could read about the Raven Boys for ten more installments, I’m in luck. Seriously. I adored this.

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