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False Memory - Dan Krokos I wanted to FALSE MEMORY since I first heard the pitch: A girl (Miranda North) wakes up on a park bench without her memory, only later to discover she is a weapon, skilled in combat and part of a team of genetically-altered teens. Very Jason Bourne with a sci-fi twist, I thought. And speaking of Jason Bourne–you know how those movies open with a bang and don’t seem to let up until the credits roll? This novel was the same: packed with action and twists so intense you’re white-knuckling it through the entire story. I was sucked into from the very first page.

Discovering the truth of Miranda’s world (as well as her personal past) alongside her was addicting. Her relationship with the other three teens like her is complicated, in part due to their predicament, but mostly because Miranda can not remember them. Not even Noah, her boyfriend. And while the action and suspense kept me turning the pages, it was the underlying question in this novel that had me most invested: What truly defines us as an individual? Is it our memories? Our past? Our present? I’m looking forward to the sequel!

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