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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I read Gillian Flynn’s debut, SHARP OBJECTS, several years ago and instantly fell in love with her prose (lush but not overwritten) and the dark, twisted nature of her story-telling. I’ve been a fan for awhile and when I started seeing fabulous reviews of GONE GIRL, I knew I was bound to love it. And I did.

Nick and Amy Dunne are a happy, married couple of five years–at least on the surface. But on the day of their fifth anniversary, Amy goes missing. All signs point to a kidnapping/murder, with Nick as a very probable suspect. Told in alternating POVs, (Nick in the present, Amy via diary entries), the true nature of their rocky marriage is revealed, as well as the instability of their character. This is one of those novels that has to be read to be appreciated, not to mention that saying too much will ruin the very things that make the story fabulous. I will say only that I was sucked in from the very first line and that Flynn is a master of suspense and characterization. Nick and Amy feel so real they could be your neighbors–the same is true for the secondary characters as well. I saw a few twists coming, but it didn’t diminish how much I enjoyed the book. This is a twisted, thrilling, and entirely entertaining read. And the ending! Perhaps the best final lines of a novel I have read in a long time. Chills. Chills, everywhere. Highly recommend.

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