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Let the Sky Fall - Shannon Messenger This doesn’t come out until March, so my review is going to be a bit vague–I don’t want to spoil things–but what a fun, unique paranormal romance! The story follows Vane Weston, orphaned after a twister kills his family as a child, and haunted by a dark-haired girl every night in his dreams. Little does he know that said girl, Audra, is real, and a sylph–an air elemental–sworn to protect him. When Vane’s location is mistakenly leaked to those that killed his family, Audra must train him to command the winds as she does before both their lives are at risk.

Paranormal romance is not my preferred genre, but Shannon made me a fan with LTSF. Audra’s power was captivating, and the passages in which she controls the wind were both lyrical and atmospheric. And Vane! The novel is told through alternating POVs, and every time I was in his head I was smiling. Such an authentic voice. And while the story is heavily focused on the romance, there was still plenty of action (training with the winds, fighting the enemy, etc) to keep this action-junkie entertained. If you’re a paranormal romance fan, this is one to not be missed!

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NOTE: This review is based on an ARC.