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Mind Games - Kiersten White I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early ARC of MIND GAMES, which is Kiersten’s first novel releasing after the PARANORMALCY trilogy. This novel couldn’t be more different from PARA, but I think I love it even more. (I’m afraid Evie will hear me saying this.) Told in alternating POVs, MIND GAMES follows sisters Annie and Fia, both in present and pass timelines. The two both have unique supernatural powers and attend a “school” that is capitalizing on those powers in questionable manners–many of which include threatening one sister’s life to make the other bend to their will. Fia, the younger of the two, is maybe the angriest character I have read in a long time (Lani Taylor mentions something similar in her blurb) but I loved her nonetheless. As she tries to break free of the school without risking her sister’s safety, things get ugly.

The novel is short (only ~250p) and near impossible to put down, which makes for a thrilling read. The girl’s voices are distinct and clear, and the ending left me satisfied, but desperate for the sequel, which I believe comes out next fall. If it, too, is only around ~250p, I’m going to be cursing the publishing gods for not letting me read this all in one 500p mega-book. Darn, do I hate waiting. ;) But if you liked PARANORMALCY, pick this up come February. And if you didn’t like PARANORMALCY, you should still pick this up, seeing how different it is! Kiersten does not disappoint.

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NOTE: This review is based on an ARC.