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Unravel Me - Tahereh Mafi Fair warning: If you haven’t read SHATTER ME, there are light spoilers ahead.

Like its predecessor, UNRAVEL ME boasts gorgeous prose, unique formatting (strike-throughs, forced line breaks, etc), and a stream-of-conscious-like writing style. The story starts not long after where SHATTER ME left off, following Juliette as she adjusts to life at Omega Point and struggles to balance an ever-complicating relationship with Adam. I’ll keep this vague so as not to spoil things, especially since this doesn’t come out for nearly 6 months still, but UNRAVEL ME gives readers a nice look at the resisting forces in Mafi’s crumbling world.

Kenji continues to be my favorite character. He’s hilariously sarcastic, calls it like it is, and gives Juliette some tough love at the exact moment I was about to lose my patience with her. (I want to hug him and give him a trophy.) Readers will also learn more about Juliette’s powers and how/why certain characters are not susceptible to her lethal touch. (Get ready for a few twists!) A love triangle also makes it’s way into the sequel, but I refuse to even name a Team. In my mind, there are no teams, only a painfully obvious road to walk and if Juliette doesn’t see what I do in the end, I might end up shedding a few tears. For readers who dug the lose, poetry-like quality of SHATTER ME, and are anxious to learn more about the X-MEN-esque citizens holed up at Omega Point, this isn’t likely to disappoint.

Originally reviewed here.

NOTE: This review is based on an ARC.