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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand I fell head over heels for UNEARTHLY last month and flew through HALLOWED in a matter of days. This novel has far less plot that the previous installment, but Hand is such a gifted writer that I didn’t care in the slightest. Clara is a fantastic protagonist, and her emotions and motives are so authentic its almost as though I were experiencing them myself. This truly is the most realistic and gut-wrenching love triangle I have ever read. On one side: destiny, or fate, what Clara believes is a path she’s been pre-determined to walk. On the other: a first love; a real, true, natural relationship that Clara fell into on her own and can’t ignore. I know who I’m rooting for (Tucker!) and if Clara does not get to follow her heart in BOUNDLESS, I might break.

But love triangle aside, this novel continues to flesh out Clara’s world. We learn more about the Angel Bloods and their concentration in Jackson Hole, and we watch pressures bear down on both Clara and her brother, Jeffrey. We learn more about her purpose from book one and how her actions have created consequences in the present. We love and lose and feel with Clara. Oh my, do we feel! There were some fabulous twists and turns, several of which I saw coming, but I still loved this novel dearly. I’m so very anxious for BOUNDLESS to hit shelves in January.

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