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Bitterblue - Ian Schoenherr, Kristin Cashore What a wonderful conclusion to the epic story of the Seven Kingdoms. In this novel we see Bitterblue, now Queen of Monsea, still struggling to revive her kingdom after the damage done by her father years earlier. The post-Leck world that Cashore has crafted is terrifying, but fantastic. As Bitterblue uncovers more truths, the extent and reach of Leck’s devastation is truly numbing.

Katsa and Po return and while they are a bit more animated than I remember, I loved spending time with them. Especially Po. (Oh, Po. How I missed him!) It is rewarding to see not only how Katsa and Po’s relationship has grown and changed over the years, but also how their relationship with Bitterblue has developed.

But like always, it is the world of Cashore’s novels that makes me swoon. The politics and the landscapes and the castles. The details poured into every room and stairwell and library and bridge and pub and book and I could go on forever. The Seven Kingdoms feels real, and by the end of the novel, Cashore has tied the threads of both Graceling and Fire together with such mastery that I felt breathless. I’m sad to say goodbye to this world and its layered cast of characters. But then I remember you never have to say goodbye to any series; you just have to start reading it again. I have a feeling these three novels will be ones I come back to over and over throughout the years.

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