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Something Strange and Deadly - Susan Dennard Let me just say upfront that this book surprised me in the best way possible. I knew very little going in, and the cover lead me to believe the book would be filled with glitz and glamor and pretty dresses; a quieter type of read. There were plenty of corsets and parasols, but oh my goodness is this book packed with action! And when I say action I mean zombies, and escapes, and chases, and spirits, and scandals! Eleanor is such a fabulous protagonist — she is determined and stubborn but incredibly passionate –and the Spirit Hunters are so very epic (they remind me of Ghost Busters of the past, with a bit of steampunk thrown in). My favorite part of this novel though was the setting. Dennard brings a historic Philadelphia to life effortlessly, and this alternate history, walking Dead thriller, is a total romp. I am thoroughly looking forward to the sequel!

NOTE: I was fortunate enough to read a near final version of this MS. Mark your calendars for July 24th, when the finished copy hits shelves!

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