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A Million Suns - Beth Revis This was a fantastic follow-up to an already fantastic debut! I really enjoyed ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, but the environment in A MILLION SUNS is even more claustrophobic and tense than ever. As Elder attempts to successfully man the ship, the enclosed society of Godspeed falls into chaos and discord. If you thought Godspeed was a bit of a dystopic setting in book 1, this sequel makes you feel a bit for Eldest, who slipped into gray areas with his methods of subduing the population during the first installment.

While Elder has his own struggles, Amy is left trying to unravel a mysterious string of clues left by Orion that may very well hold the key to Godspeed’s fate. I can’t say much else without spoiling the entire novel, but Revis weaves these secrets and clues into the overall plot flawlessly. Between twists and turns and the dual POV, it is hard to put this novel down. I’m so very excited for SHADES OF EARTH!

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