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Blood Red Road - Moira Young Moira Young’s BLOOD RED ROAD was simply amazing. The story follows Saba, as she ventures through a post-apocalyptic desert-land in search of kidnapped twin brother, Lugh. Saba is tough (she has the feel of Katniss) and her world is harsh (think Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome).

I fell in love with the writing style in this book. Prose is loose, with no dialog tags, and Young writes Saba’s story with a distinct dialect that makes her world come to life. I saw in some other reviews that people struggled with this writing style, but it only took me about two pages to get used to. If you pick this up and the style turns you off, I encourage you to power through, because what awaits is one heck of an adventure. Dusty dunes and cage fighting, boats that sail on sand and parched lake-beds that need crossing, not to mention a brilliant cast of characters and a heart-pounding, action-filled finish. Saba is an incredible character with some terrible flaws, and while this book is heavily plot focused, her growth does not go unnoticed. She starts out with a singular goal of finding her brother, and while this goal never falters as she travels, she learns to open up to others for the first time in her life – the younger sister she has always blamed for the death of her mother, the Free Hawks, a group of revolutionaries that get her out of a pickle, and Jack, a boy that is perhaps a bit too handsome for how long he holds her gaze. Read this so we can gush about it together. Please?

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