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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin I wanted to read this book since I a) saw the cover and b) read the blurb on the book’s back. This book is full of the creepy. Mara survives a terrible accident and suddenly she’s seeing things that aren’t there. Like her dead friends. In mirrors. *shudders* And then things she wishes would happen actually happen. Sometimes these things involve not so pretty outcomes, but they’re just coincidences. Mara didn’t actually make them happen, right?

I loved this dark, eerie side of the book. But half-way through, the romance sort of overwhelmed all the quiet creepiness that I was crazy about. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m just not a huge paranormal romance kind of gal, and so for me, this became what isn’t really my cup of tea.* Even still, this book is an enjoyable read. The writing is lovely. I kept turning the pages and I had to know what would happen. If you do pick it up, just know there is a sequel. I hadn’t known going in and the ending surprised me so much I turned to Twitter asking if there was another installment. I didn’t see the twist coming, so it blew my mind in the best way possible, but at the same time, it was one heck of a cliffhanger and I didn’t get the kind of closure I was hoping for. (Luckily, there’s a sequel for that!)

* Just because paranormal romance isn’t my thing, doesn’t mean the book isn’t good or it won’t be your thing. Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe I also haven’t read the right story for my tastes yet. If anyone has suggestions, I’m eager to read the book that will turn me into a lover of this genre!

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NOTE: This review is based on an ARC