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Carrier of the Mark - Leigh Fallon This is the first book HarperTeen has published through their online writing community, inkpop. This alone had me interested. Oh, and the gorgeous cover. And Ireland, too! Ireland is such a beautiful escape in this novel. Fallon, having lived there, really brings the location to life. I could hear the waves lapping against boats and docks, see the bright and rainbow-painted houses crammed together in town, smell the fresh grass of rolling hills. This book made me want to visit the country I was named after! (It’s on my bucket list. I’m trying.)

I also found the idea of elemental powers very interesting. Who wouldn’t want to harvest a little bit of wind, or water, or fire? Any passage where Fallon touches on the use of these powers – how elements are altered, the way in which they move and change, etc – is handled phenomenally. But this book is heavily focused on the romance, which isn’t really my thing.* Still, there is much to love about CARRIER. And if you dig super powers and cute boys, this is bound to be right up your alley!

* Just because paranormal romance isn’t my thing, doesn’t mean the book isn’t good or it won’t be your thing. Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe I also haven’t read the right story for my tastes yet. If anyone has suggestions, I’m eager to read the book that will turn me into a lover of this genre!

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NOTE: This review is based on an ARC