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Graceling - Kristin Cashore Where do I even begin? This was my favorite read of September, but I have a feeling it’s going to belong on my list of favorite reads, period. This world is so rich and realized that each time I opened the book I felt I was slipping into the pages. I loved the idea of Graces, how certain individuals were marked by a select skill, but that skill was not always what it appeared. As characters learn more about themselves in this novel, they learn more about their Grace, as well. Katsa and Po were no exception to this.

I must admit I didn’t really like Katsa. She’s not someone I’d want to hang out with it – she’s stubborn, rude, overworks her horses, and firmly believes that marriage will cause her to “lose herself” even if she where to find a boy that embraces her for who she is and doesn’t ask her to change – but I still loved her story. Loved. I clung to every word of it. For all her faults, Katsa is still admirable. She is brave and courageous. She acknowledges that a Grace can be used for both good and bad, and she chooses to stand on the side of good. But Po, oh my does this boy have my heart in his hands. What an amazing, graceful, fantastic character. Actually, all the characters in this story are wonderfully developed. They leap off the pages.

This is one of those odd books that is both slow and fast at the same time. There is tension built around every moment, but the book unfolds in this magically calm way. While I had my issues with Katsa’s personality, the adventure and journey in this book is incredible and I cannot wait to read more of this world. I think that’s what I’m in love with here: the world, the writing, the imagery so rich it overflows and spills into your lap. I feel so fortunate that I don’t have to wait to go pick up Cashore’s next book set in the Seven Kingdoms. FIRE, here I come!

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