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Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken This sequel blew me away!! I’m going to keep my review rather vague, though, because 1) the copy I read is still undergoing revisions and 2) I don’t want to spoil things.

I will say just this: MY FEELS. Ugh. This book tore my heart out. Ruby has grown a lot. Shaped by all she went through in book one she is now tougher and stronger and more determined than ever. Accept, adapt, act. (That’s her new mantra and it couldn’t be a more fitting given what she’s now up against.) Favorite characters from book one return in this sequel (again: my poor feels) and new characters are just as endearing (Jude! Vida!). I also have to take a moment to praise Bracken’s writing style. She knows her readers are smart and trusts them to pull the pieces together. And the world. It has always amazed me (with TDM and now even more with NF) how real this world feels. Even with kids running around with super powers and telekinesis, it feels possible. Bracken has put so much thought and care into the government and the economy and how the US would buckle and fold under such drastic tragedy. This is a fantastic sequel, so add it to your TBR pile right now, folks!

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NOTE: This review is based on an early draft of the manuscript.