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Altered - Jennifer Rush I’ve been looking forward to ALTERED for a good long while. (Probably ever since Rush did some photo posts of each Altered boy on her blog!) This story follows Anna, who helps her father conduct research on the four genetically altered boys living in the lab below their farmhouse. When the boys stage an escape to avoid being taken by the Branch, the company funding the project, Anna ends up on the run with them.

This is an action-packed thriller, layered with secrets and lies. Sam, the leader of the boys, suffers amnesia and the steady revelation of clues that will help guide the group to safety is addictive. While this is an engrossing page-turner, my favorite aspect was the boys themselves. Each has a distinct personality, and their dynamic as a group is so much fun to read. Anna, too, stumbles upon some game-changing discoveries throughout the course of the novel. I’m looking forward to see where things go in the sequel

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