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Roar and Liv - Veronica Rossi This came out on Tuesday, and I already devoured it. (In a single sitting, no less!) ROAR AND LIV is a prequel novella to Veronica Rossi’s UNDER THE NEVER SKY and it focuses on, as the title suggests, the relationship between Roar and Liv, Perry’s sister. It was so much fun not only to be back in this world but also be in Roar’s head. His relationship with Liv is endearing, but it is his bond with Perry that really shines on the page. Their discussion of being brothers, even though Roar will not marry into the family, is incredibly touching. I also really liked how we get to see some of Roar’s flaws in this story. In UtNS he seems to be the comic relief, the friend who makes Perry look less harsh by comparison because he is so easy going and kind-hearted, almost without fault. And Roar is still very much this person in the novella, but we also see how the things he is willing to fight for don’t really extend beyond Liv or Perry. (Whereas Perry feels an obligation to the tribe…to things greater than himself.)

Like always, the writing is smooth and poetic, the pacing upbeat but not rushed. This was a satisfying look at more minor characters from UtNS and how they play into Perry and Aria’s story. Oh, and there are two teaser chapters for THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT at the end of the novella that left me desperate for January. It’s official. I’m a fan. I’ll read anything Rossi writes.

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