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The Assassin and the Underworld (Throne of Glass, #0.3) - Sarah J. Maas Another Throne of Glass novella by Sarah J. Maas, and once again, I loved it. Celaena's motives in this installment stem from the very fist novella–the cruel injustice of slavery. When Adarlan tasks her with eliminating a pro-slavery figure, her mission takes her into the sewers below Rithold. This dank, filthy location contrasts against the stunning aspects of the above ground city that Maas effortless brings to life.

Celaena is quickly becoming one of my favorite heroines. In this novella we see her make some terrible mistakes (blindly following orders, snapping at the boy who loves her, etc), and I can't help but marvel at how these flaws in her character hint at her growth throughout the series. (Having already read THRONE OF GLASS, I appreciate this look at her past, her fire and impulsiveness. She still has some of it in ToG, but she's changed, grown). And Sam! I fall a bit further in love with him every time he graces the pages.

I'm so very excited for the final novella, but I'm also truly terrified. Because I love both Celaena and Sam and I know what has to happen to get them to where they need to be for the start of THRONE OF GLASS. I have a horrible feeling that tissues will be in order.

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