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Cold Kiss - Amy Garvey Amy Garvey’s COLD KISS is not my typical read. I have mentioned before that I am a) not big on romance and b) not big on paranormal. Well this book is both and I loved it. Wren has lost her boyfriend, Danny, in a tragic accident, and thanks to some powers that run through the women in her family, is able to bring him back from the dead. Kind of. Danny is not fully present and he’s not really the boy she loved when he was alive. And the longer “zombie” Danny stays alive, the more he begins to question things, and the more Wren loses control over him.

Paranormal stuff aside, this book felt incredible rooted in reality. Wren’s process of grieving, the emptiness that she feels in the wake of death, is incredibly well done. She goes to school. She battles an odd rift in her friendships, caused by avoiding her best friends in the weeks following Danny’s funeral. She has a challenging relationship with her mother, who has left Wren and her sisters to learn about, tame, and control their powers all on their own. And then there’s Danny. Oh, this boy will break your heart. Garvey gives you glimpses of the Wren and Danny that existed before the accident, and this makes Wren’s journey with the raised-Danny that much more gut-wrenching. While a bit paranormal and a bit romance, this book is ultimately a beautiful tale about grief and mourning and learning to let go. It comes out very, very soon (I read an arc), and you should definitely pick it up!

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